フルート奏者・音楽家。ジャズ→即興→生楽器+電子音楽。ものごとや世界の境界に存在する中間的な空間を探検し、生命の息吹と情報的身体の拡張で神聖な音の場を生み出す人。日本人の父とイギリス人の母の間に生まれ、東京を拠点にヨーロッパ、アジアなど国際的に活動。山下洋輔をプロデューサーに迎えた「Miya’s Book」などこれまでに多数のアルバムをリリース。

2010年にロンドンにて作曲をJonathan Cole 氏に学ぶとともに、ロンドンを中心にヨーロッパの即興シーンで活動し、各地でのインプロバイザーズオーケストラに参加した経験を元に、日本で本格的な即興オーケストラの立ち上げに関わり指揮した。2011年から2020年にわたって企画主催した「A STORY OF JAZZ」では毎回一人のジャズジャイアントを音楽を通して深掘りし、多彩な日本の音楽家と共演した。

2015年、植村昌弘(ds)、ナスノミツル(b)らと山下洋輔をフィーチャーしたユニット「Axis Mundi」を始動、2018年には即興演奏の成果として「Benedict/Miya+7Maestoros」によるライブアルバムを2018年に発売。2016年、福島県南相馬市江井地区に伝わる民俗神楽の復興を手がけ、2018年より一噌幸弘に能管を師事する。その後、雅楽にも取り組み、龍笛も演奏するようになる。2021年、江井神楽の神楽師 [宝玉宮雪]としての活動を開始。


Flutist and musician. Jazz → improvisation → acoustic instruments + electronic music. An explorer of the intermediate spaces that exist at the boundaries, creating sacred soundscapes through the breath of life and the extension of the informational body. Born to a Japanese father and an English mother, based in Tokyo, and active internationally across Europe and Asia. Miya has released numerous albums, including “Miya’s Book,” produced by Yosuke Yamashita.

In 2010, she studied composition in London under Jonathan Cole and participated in the European improvisation scene centered in London, taking part in various improvisers orchestras. Based on this experience, she became involved in the establishment and conducting of a full-scale improvisational orchestra in Japan. From 2011 to 2020, she organized and hosted “A STORY OF JAZZ,” where each session delved into the music of a jazz giant and collaborated with various Japanese musicians.

In 2015, she launched the unit “Axis Mundi” featuring Yosuke Yamashita, alongside Masahiro Uemura (drums) and Mitsuru Nasuno (bass). In 2018, released a live album with “Benedict/Miya+7 Maestros” as a result of their improvisational performances. In 2016, worked on the revival of traditional folk Kagura in the Enei district of Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture, and began studying the Noh flute under Yukihiro Isso from 2018. Subsequently, also took up Gagaku and started playing the Ryuteki flute. In 2021, began activities as a Kagura performer under the name Hōgyoku Kyusetsu for Enei Kagura.

Since 2019, She has incorporated electronic approaches, such as effectors and synthesizers, into sound creation. Currently, as a modular flute player who controls modular systems through flute performance, she expands activities into the realms of electronic music and media art.